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If you're interested in ReadVerify but want to learn more before you subscribe, sign up for a FREE trial membership. The trial membership includes all of the features of a paid membership, but is limited to 10 free emails. Click here to sign up today!

PAID MEMBERSHIP (only USD $24/year)
Features include:

  • Information about when your email is opened & read - and for how long
  • Tracking of where and to whom a sent email is forwarded
  • Full tracking history in your own "Tracked Mail" web page at
  • Certified Proof-of-Posting to prove you sent what you did, when you did
  • Certified Proof-of-Opening indicate when an email is opened
  • DSN enabling verifies delivery of your email
  • MDN enabling prompts your recipient(s) to acknowledge reading your email
  • Live, instant and self-updating Read-Notifications via your existing email
  • Instant Read-Notifications via SMS on your cell phone or pager, and via ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM/AOL, Jabber, and/or IRC instant messaging
  • Web link (URL) tracking
  • Microsoft Document tracking
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Self-Destructing emails prevent forwarding, printing, copying and saving
  • Ensured-Receipt emails guarantee an unobtrusive Read Notification (in compatible reader format) for every email you send that gets opened
  • Retractable email enables you to delete Ensured-Receipt and Self-Destructing emails after sending.
  • Approximate recipient location (by closest city)
  • Information about recipient's email/browser software, language(s) and software capabilities

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